Python Automation Framework-TestProject Framework

TestProject is an end-to-end test automation platform that allows users to create and execute automated tests for web and mobile applications. It provides features such as record-and-playback, script-based testing using Selenium and Appium, a marketplace for reusable addons, and cloud-based services for test execution and reporting.

TestProject is an open-source automation framework. It provides cloud and local HTML reports and easy test automation development.

Supports the Pytest and Unittest frameworks and all required dependencies as part of a single executable cross-platform agent file.

Prerequisites for TestProject Framework:

  • Install Python version 3.6 or above.

Key Benefits of TestProject Framework:

  • Free automated reports in HTML/PDF format
  • Easy access to execution history via RESTful API
  • Always updated with the latest Selenium/Appium driver version
  • Provides a single SDK for Android, iOS, web, and general testing
  • Integrated test reporting capabilities
  • Cross-platform support for all operating systems
  • Extensive community and support.

Disadvantages of TestProject Framework:

  • Requires support for parallel testing as only one test runs at a time.
  • Team collaboration tools are limited in offline mode, and tests must be stored on a shared network drive/git when working in the field.

How to use:

If you are looking to use TestProject with Python, you can utilize the TestProject Python SDK. The Python SDK allows you to write your test scripts in Python and leverage the features provided by the TestProject platform.

Here is a simplified example of a Python test script using the TestProject Python SDK.

from src.testproject.sdk.drivers import webdriver
from src.testproject.enums import Platform

def test_example():
    # Create a TestProject WebDriver instance
    driver = webdriver.Chrome()

    # Navigate to a website

    # Perform actions

    # Verify the results
    assert "TestProject" in driver.title

    # Close the browser

To use TestProject with Python, you would need to install the TestProject Python SDK. You can find more information about the SDK and how to set up your testing environment in the TestProject documentation.

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